1. You can also find all information on my deviantArt journal, or here’s a link to my website!  My DA journal has a bit more explanation, so if you’re new to commissioning, it might be a benefit to read it.

    I currently have five slots open on DA; I am also opening five slots specifically for tumblr.  I’ll edit this post as people get me, so don’t delay!

    Also, again, my ask link is broken and I can’t fix it (???), but I don’t recommend contacting me that way, anyway.  Please use my email or the contact form provided on my website.  Also, if you would let me know if you found out via tumblr or DA, that would be lovely (so I know which list to add you to!)


    Going to bed for now, so don’t expect a reply immediately. 8)  Cheers!

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