1. Work is eating me o)—<

  2. kaorien:

    Hi. I’ve been busy (and exhausted) from temp work, but I live againn… this is something for andyhinomiya for helping me with something. Thanks again abril~ ♥

  3. Finally finished //wheezes

    Painting everything by hand (all those color shifts….why) took so long hhh

    The hair on the back and tail is grass; the arms and legs are stone, the body is earth, the torso is wood and roots, the head is very dense earth (kinda pre-stone-post-earth), and the horns are…well, bone.  Of course, the branch-like horns are wood again xD

    Yes, he changes seasons, but I’m too lazy to do the other versions so just imagine ok//hit

  4. i should have painted in grayscale and then added color afterwards uuuurrg

  6. idk why I felt like sadoing my child again omg I need to stop

    So have some moe blushing Venna to offset the distressed one HAHA

  7. djrkalis:


  8. Colored a sketch from my twitter :3c

  9. Some more Venna sketches from of late.  The outfits and poses are referenced from this post, which I reblogged ages ago.  And cuz I felt like it, started playing around with long haired Venna aaandddd now I can’t stop omg my love of hair is out of control

  10. AoH :: Break

    Fixed the expression some too