1. Recent art! More Venna fashion, and Slaine from Aldnoah.Zero.  Seriously, Aldnoah.Zero is a really great show so far.  Definitely recommend!

    First dress for Venna up there is something she wouldn’t wear yet |D Since it shows her inset leaves on her chest.

    Also, yeah, her head leaves are affected by season.  It gets confusing if she travels to cold places for long periods of time…

  2. Sketchy fashion!  Based on a shirt I saw a while back, couldn’t decide on which bottom went best LOL

  3. Loose and sloppy but gets the idea out for myself
    Such detail so wow
    Seriously what happened to this, it turned so green like what wow fugly colors
    Colors go from algae and seaweed green to straight-up underwater blue laffs


    My end product was very different n p n

  4. Today on That Was Not the Palette I Intended…

  5. luetta:

    The game mockups I made for technical test (UI menu, in-game, result screen, seamless bg) from a company I’m applying at. I have a set of animations as well (idle, run, jump, attack) but how to put .swf on tumblr I have no idea… Also, who knew animating frog would be that hard I don’t want to see frogs anymore for a while. It was fun brainstorming about this non-existent game though!

  6. For having worked on it for another couple hours, does it look like it’s changed much?

  7. Why is it so hard to find refs of guys in seiza in hakama from the front?  Am I searching the wrong things?

  8. Twilight Festival

    Finish!  Thanks for the help on pose guyssss /u<33

    Yay, happy 600th post on this blog! \o 7 o/

  9. I’m glad I went for this pose over the other, in the light of the next day this one looks much better.  Thanks guys for all the votes! /u\

    Also, even though it’s stupid small and in the end after resizing you won’t see it…LACE.  Because I can.

    Still have shoes and bg (and finishing touches) to work on.  Wish me luck hueeerrgh

  10. Which pose is better?  I kinda got worried the left-hand side one was too close to my last picture, so I redid Venna into something with energy in the opposite direction ’ p ‘