1. For having worked on it for another couple hours, does it look like it’s changed much?

  2. Why is it so hard to find refs of guys in seiza in hakama from the front?  Am I searching the wrong things?

  3. Twilight Festival

    Finish!  Thanks for the help on pose guyssss /u<33

    Yay, happy 600th post on this blog! \o 7 o/

  4. I’m glad I went for this pose over the other, in the light of the next day this one looks much better.  Thanks guys for all the votes! /u\

    Also, even though it’s stupid small and in the end after resizing you won’t see it…LACE.  Because I can.

    Still have shoes and bg (and finishing touches) to work on.  Wish me luck hueeerrgh

  5. Which pose is better?  I kinda got worried the left-hand side one was too close to my last picture, so I redid Venna into something with energy in the opposite direction ’ p ‘

  6. Gonna go on a Venna streak, it appears n p n

  7. Possession 

    For the bg, I actually grabbed a bunch of photos and used them as a quick color palette.  The actually painting is all me, but having a palette to base it off of it was kinda nice!

    I think my colors ended up more yellow than usual though… Thoughts?  Does it look weird or did it end up okay? ? v ? I honestly can’t tell laff

  8. I love Photoshop CS6

  9. Start small!

    This tiny segment of the final product is only 13 frames, and is part 4 of 5 in it’s part of the sequence.  I can only hope the ones from here will look as clean.

  10. BnT :: Dork Trio

    Help me I’ve fallen and I can’t get up these three and the cuteness of this group is going to kill me //lies down