1. I don’t do trad much since I’m always glued to the computer anyway, but here, have some sketches I did last night of nude elves. And one clothed.


  2. Please view it on pixiv

    Consider this a lesson in color adjustment.

    1) My painting imported from PaintTool SAI,

    2) Added a couple gradients on multiply and then a medium-dark layer on overlay to heighten contrast and increase saturation.

    3) Took it into adjustments > Color Balance; shadows added a smidge of blue and magenta, middles a touch of red, highlights both red and yellow.  Also checked the levels and got rid of the blank space on either side (I always work too much in the middle, not enough darks or lights)

    4) Final version, desaturated it a bit since it was too intense before.

  3. On dA

    2 hrs 45 min

  4. Some random sketches and such I’ve done for PF 8>  Only the elf boya is mine, the rest belong to guildmates /)u(\

  6. wips on the bottom!

    PFFK :: Protect 

  7. First image is really sloppy hahahha—— I’ll make a better one for the second.  I’m participating in both battles and going to try doing one of the ally side events too this time.  If I can.

  8. Eyyyy what am I doingggggg

    I don’t understand psdddddddd ahahahaha ;゜▽゜;;;


  9. kaorien said: I remember you doing this on the livestream~

    Yeah!!  I wish I could LS again…. _(:3/

  10. Final Boss :: Shadow Queen by Oseike

    Cos I never shared this before :’)