1. I’m taking a few liberties with the cannons laff (with permission!)

    Oh, sketchy sketches indeed— But this is all I need before I start painting! 8)

  2. chocominty:

    Portrait of brotwin’s OC, Venna! :3c Her hair was so much fun to draw. I shaded the green parts of Venna’s hair in 3H lead but it doesn’t seem to show up very well here.

  3. luetta:

    Summer matsuri-themed drawings. Ended up scrapping one and gave up on the rest 2 male OCs orz…. Kinda referenced the kid’s expression from my own niece by memory, she’s the cutest! X’9 <3

  4. Did someone say more super sketchy fun times?! NO?? Well too bad!

    First sketch is her in FE:A’s Valkyrie outfit! Also, Dinner is the bird’s name. 8’)


    Happy birthday yamwaifuuu<33333  Sorry I’m late ; 7 ;

  6. NEW OUTFIT ISN'T IT CUTE yam-waifu drew it on her huhuhu /u\////
    I forgot his cheek tattoo oops
    This one kills me every time I look at it aksjdkfjlask
    Just get a watering can

    A bunch more sketches from of late :3c 

    They go chronologically~

  7. I’ve been in the mood to make quick 4-komas lately.  Not just about ocs, but also about life and work (because I find amusement in the weirdest things).  Don’t know how many I’ll do, but here’s the first!

    Bug spray or pesticide….something Venna never thought she’d have to consider in her life.  Being part plant is tough.

  8. 「俺にかかって来い!」

    Happy birthday deeeeeeeej!  Also Sergio! /o/<3333

  9. Eyyyy I cleaned it after all 8’D

    Wow the rain is so dark you can’t really see it on other screens… Oops?

  10. enseisong: