1. djrkalis:


  2. Colored a sketch from my twitter :3c

  3. Some more Venna sketches from of late.  The outfits and poses are referenced from this post, which I reblogged ages ago.  And cuz I felt like it, started playing around with long haired Venna aaandddd now I can’t stop omg my love of hair is out of control

  4. AoH :: Break

    Fixed the expression some too

  5. Tried a different way to add color to my grayscale. Turned out surprisingly…easy o:

    Color still looks washed out on other screens though o)—<

  6. Grayscale pretty much done~ For her anyway. Now for bg and effects..

  7. Huerrggg I don’t wanna stop painting this but I gotta goooooo weep

  8. I’ve kinda been wanting to do one of these for a while and just never got around to it.  But I mean, it’s kind of fun to go back and compare your old stuff to your current stuff, right?  It really shows you how far you’ve come and gives a bit of a confidence boost.  Yeah, I’m still far from being the artist I want to be, but look how far I’ve come, too!

    So yeah, all my followers who are students of art - don’t stop!  And remember to always be pushing your limits - lighting, atmosphere, color, anatomy, composition, posing, theme - everything!  Never be satisfied!  Because it’s only when you’re coasting that you cease to improve. I could fill this post with failed pictures, too, ones that I did alongside really good ones that just didn’t have the same polish, save that there are no such things as failed works.  Every time I’ve done something that didn’t meet my own expectations or standards, those were the vehicles of my education, every step backwards was the fuel that propelled me forward.

    I hope the same goes for all my artist friends. 8)

  9. AoH :: Fire Away 

    I really like making magic circles :3

  10. Refining part 1! Fixed a bunch of stuff, including most obviously…canvas size xD Composition was whack before man